Thundery skies, unexpected highs

Deepest love and appreciation to everyone who shrugged off Storm Antoni and brought such impeccable energy to Southwark Park.

Last week’s challenges nearly pushed us to the limit, but the moments of togetherness and joy they generated have only strengthened our belief in this community-building project.

Every set seemed to connect, and the overriding feedback from artists is how attentive and respectful the crowd was. That’s never a given at festivals, especially when the rain is falling so heavy. Special thanks to IAMDDB and The Cavemen for stepping in at the last and killing it, and to James Massiah for an impromptu poetry session after the last ICA film — special moments we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Saturday’s successes wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions and support of our incredible collaborators and partners. Huge respect and gratitude to them all.

We’ll RALLY again in 2024, and we’re owed a scorcher. Dates and info will be with you soon. For now, it’s just the most heartfelt thank you.