We’re extremely proud to be working together with BOSCO in support of young people.

BOSCO is a local charity on Jamaica Road dedicated to improving the lives of young people and supporting the most vulnerable.

One of BOSCO college's champion initiatives BOSCOFFEE provides young people with learning difficulties internship opportunities and business development skills managing the coffee trailer and cafe.

RALLY collaborated with The Africa Centre - who exist to educate, connect, and advocate for Africa and its global diaspora, to commission Alaa Satir to provide a new skin for the coffee trailer.

Alaa is a Sudanese visual artist, known for her illustrations, murals and cartoons presenting images relating to women's rights, the Sudanese revolution of 2018/19 and other social and political issues in contemporary Sudan.

Alaa first held a workshop with the young people at BOSCO where they could create their own designs for the coffee trailer. Alaa spent weeks hand-painting a new eye-catching design inspired by the young people but true to her artistry.

Our collaborative efforts extended to an engaging site tour, which sparked interest in the events industry for several BOSCO young people. RALLY plans to support BOSCO in the future in this way through talks and workshops on event planning.

BOSCOFFEE also sold tea and coffee at the festival, providing the young people with their first ever workplace opportunity selling products at a live event to thousands of people. They made over £1,500 throughout the day, 100% of which was retained by the charity.